Providing the latest therapeutic’s to our industry.
Fervid marketing and sales team
We have highly dedicated sales and marketing team who are very passionate in performing their duties and fulfilling the company’s vision.
Methodical Regulatory
Headed by a senior regulatory consultant, we assure a swift product registration for our principals

Regulatory and Compliance

Regulatory functions have become more prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry in the last couple of years due to the increasing number of issues related to standardization, pharmacovigilance, and compliance.

New policies and regulations have been implemented by the newly formed National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) like drug dossier submissions are web based through CTD format and also price controls have been implemented.

Our Regulatory team is composed of experienced and trained pharmacists under a senior regulatory manageress with specialized knowledge in handling various regulatory issues. They have years of experience and rich knowledge in handling the regulatory authorities with the required information.

Tendering and Distribution

For tender purposes we have a dedicated team working to serve our principals’ interests by applying for tenders and organizing distribution. This division is responsible for collecting historical tender records and invitations for bids.

The company’s distribution network, which spans the country and includes over 3,000 pharmacies, hospitals, state owned pharmacies and dispensaries, is intended to handle enormous sales. A team of over 30 company-employed salespersons contacts retailers on a daily basis with the support of 14 company-designated distributors.


Axia is one of the pioneers in the industry to recruit and train freshers. Whilst most companies neglect freshers, but Axia Private Limited scouts for fresh talents to enter the industry.

Product training is an important factor for all members of the medico-marketing team, in order to build the business as well as the rapport with the medical professionals.

For which a special training program has been designed by our in-house biologist for our new recruits in the field of pharmacology.
Apart from that regular training programs are conducted with updated information, so as to aid our medico-team to engage in evidence based scientific interaction with the medical professionals.

Logistics and Operations

In today’s perplexing market place, where sourcing, procurement, shipping, and clearing have become a sophisticated art, efficiency in such areas has become crucial for producing profits.

Efficient logistics is critical for operating and managing a business.

We’ve focused a lot of emphasis on our operations department, updating the functions with web-based solutions and putting experienced individuals in command of the entire network who are intimately familiar with customs and import control requirements. Our operations department’s success more than justifies our partners’ trust in us from all around the world.