Hey Jenika, i came across your post and loved it

Hey Jenika, i came across your post and loved it

It’s 200% true. You live your passions. The difficult part (for me) is being able to find a way to live on my passion financially. I’m actually struggling with that and that’s how I came across your post.

I’m glad you have succeeded to do what you love and it’s a treat to do that!

You perfectly described the difference. I’m a cartoonist, at least its my passion. Last night my girlfriend called it a hobby, and its the only time shes ever insulted me. She didn’t understand why.

She compared it to playing video games. Its something done to pass time for enjoyment. When I pointed out that I don’t do it for enjoyment, I do it because I feel the NEED to, she revised it as, its a hobby as long as you aren’t making money off it.

I love it,, thanks for making my way so much clearer now

So I brought up the example of musicians who spend nights going form open mike to open mike, not making a dime. She called this a hobby.

She calls the countless hours of hard work, that I have to push myself to dating in your 40s mobile do despite myself, despite WANTING time for my hobbies. Just another hobby.

Had this argument before with my girlfriend, parents and friends. Was depressed for a bit because it felt like the world thought I was crazy. But it always made me happy (photography). And if it makes me happy, I’ll keep doing it despite what other people say. In the end, they gave up trying to stop me.

Hi Jenika, Great for you. It is important to pursue the talent that comes natural to you. It can be a career for you. I did not learn this until later in life.

I love photography. I have taken pictures since I was a child. However, I never understood the value of my creative art. Many years later, I see that my art is important. I am pursuing writing and photography. Those talents are natural to me. Be Blessed, Shirley

this short post really spoke to me. everything you said was dead on. i had never thought of a passion that way before and it’s true it really does involve a lot of suffering. i’ll be honest sometimes it’s just not fun and yet what is it that drives me anyway? Thanks again for this, i’m really struggling to refind that passion and interest i once had for photography. The question i just keep asking myself is “why, why do i do it, what is the end result or feeling that i want?”

i’m still looking for an answer but this at least has made me ask questions i had never considered before

You spoke straight to my soul. I am that person. I am consumed by it. I am doing what it takes to fulfill that passion. What I do does not make sense to people but I know it is right for me.

I discovered too many lies in this world and I want to expose them through writing/blogging, through video production. Besides, it’s my passion to help others discover their passion and stop running amok in life. The cost is very high but it is beyond me. It guides me and controls me. It’s my everything in life. I stop here otherwise I will babble. I can’t explain further. I can only live it.

This is one of the most accurate descriptions of “passion” I’ve ever read. Not only is it accurate but it is clear and avoids a lot of the cliche phrases included in most articles about this topic. I am up at 3:23 am pursuing my passion right now, and your article explained exactly what I’m experiencing. Passion is a combination of natural talent, enjoyment, a willingness to sacrifice and a willingness to improve. Enjoyed your insight!

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