Dating between lbs feeling, bmi, physical activity, and you will food alternatives in South California male and female adolescents

Dating between lbs feeling, bmi, physical activity, and you will food alternatives in South California male and female adolescents

Understanding the relationship between body weight perception (BWP) and weight control is an important influencer on adolescents’ health behaviours. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between BWP, body mass index (BMI), physical activity and food choices in adolescent males and females (N = 1,212). Across BMI categories, more females perceived themselves as overweight and tried to control their weight, where more males tried to gain weight or never tried to control their weight (p < 0.001). Major reason for weight control was to look better followed by to improve health. Interestingly, adolescents who perceived themselves as thin consumed unhealthier foods (hamburgers and regular soda), where those who perceived themselves as fit and overweight ate healthier foods (salad and vegetables). Results of this study validate that an accurate perception of weight is critical to the success of education and behaviour intervention programs for both overweight and normal weight adolescents.


Lbs feeling (BWP) are wearing detection due to the fact a powerful determinant regarding health activities and weight management means certainly one of teenagers (Ursoniu, Putnoky, Vlaicu, 2011 ). Early in the day research indicates you to teens that happen to be underweight or typical pounds perceive by themselves because fat, consequently growing the chance of dinner problems, weight problems government behaviors and you can anxiety (Desmond, Price, Gray, Oconnell, 1986 ; Tang ainsi que al., 2010 ). The public adulation for model style of physiques usually shown about media and you will publications more than likely affects these unhealthy perceptions. Conversely, teenagers that are obese usually do not perceive themselves therefore and tend to be unrealistic to rehearse healthy lbs manage behaviors having bodily pastime (PA) and you can eating plan (Khambalia, Sturdy, Bauman, 2012 ; Strauss, 1999 ). This indicates that adolescents usually misperceive their weight condition, no matter what true to life.

Weight misperception is described as the brand new discordance ranging from one’s actual weight standing and feeling of their lbs (Duncan ainsi que al., 2011 ). Several socio-group and you may environment items connect with lbs misperception in teens particularly gender, bmi (BMI), ethnicity, socioeconomic condition and you can news exposure (Kim Therefore, 2014 ; ; Perkins, Perkins, Craig, 2010 ). Considering a recent study, lbs misperception is actually a powerful predictor away from human body frustration irrespective of real pounds updates (Knowlwa, Ling, Thomas, Adab, McManus, 2015 ). For that reason, altered BWP and the body dissatisfaction can lead teenagers to adopt unhealthy lbs manage behaviours including purging, smooth and utilizing laxatives/weight loss pills, along with reframing regarding keeping healthy diet and practice models (Liechty, 2010 ; Tala ). Once the research has shown that understood lbs is actually a stronger indicator than actual weight getting anticipating involvement when you look at the compliment managing weight (Serdula et al., 1993 ; Strauss, 1999 ) skills and you will management of so it misperception may be helpful in cutting teenage being obese, real laziness and food conditions.

Matchmaking between lbs impact, body mass index, physical working out, and you will dining choice during the Southern area Ca men and women kids

Having one another overestimation and you may underestimation away from lbs are associated with deeper health chance in teenagers (Park, 2011 ), you will need to understand the interactions anywhere between weight misperception and you may wellness exposure behaviors due to the fact precisely perceiving on your own has been associated with desire to switch harmful habits (Maximova mais aussi al., 2008 ). Examining the matchmaking anywhere between BWP, Body mass index, PA and restaurants possibilities might provide sense concerning if or not or perhaps not the existence of a bad dating between BWP and Bmi ways dysmorphia. Just like the increased adiposity are a strong predictor out of bad body photo and you can lowest care about-respect, positive human anatomy image and you can precise BWP will get boost aspects of system photo and steer clear of one’s danger of carrying excess fat (Olive, Byrne, Cunningham, Telford, 2012 ). Therefore, weight misperception try a significant changeable in obesity prevention and you may treatment for kids.

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